AZGFD Apprentice packet available here

We have found recently that the AZGFD website is either not showing the apprentice packet or they are hiding it really well. I've notified the department but for now, here is the existing apprentice packet as individual files or the zip containing all of the PDFs.

Entire packet


Packet Contents

What is Falconry

Useful Falconry Websites

Facilities and Equipment guidelines

Mews Checklist

Guidelines for Prospective Falconers

Sport Falconry License Application


CO25 (note that this is an old version; see our other links for the current version)

Facilities and Equipment Inspection Form

Electronic Filing Instructions

USFWS online 3-186A database is down

According to the USFWS, their online reporting database for falconry 3-186A forms is down with no estimate of when it will be back up. NAFA has stated that a copy of completed paper forms should be mailed to the regional USFWS offices, but the Albuquerque office (our region) has said that is unnecessary because they have no filing systems to manage those forms anymore. I have reached out to the main USFWS office in Washington to get some clear direction on this. For the time being, our recommendation is that you should take or mail completed 3-186A forms to your regional AZGFD office. They will maintain your file. Once a new reporting DB is in place, we will update you with the USFWS directions for reporting. Thanks Charlie Kaiser AFA President

Phoenix Metro No-hunt zone

Phoenix Metro No-hunt zone
Hi everyone. I wanted to get you all an update about the recent hunting regulation changes; notably the closure of most of the Phoenix metro area (as well as parts of Tucson and Flagstaff) to any type of hunting. This closure is a result of recent legislation that was designed to open additional hunting areas but had an unintended consequence of effectively shutting down falconry within the borders of the Phoenix metro area. If you have not seen it, there is a map of the closure at: More info can be found in the hunting regs available at: That's a large PDF, so be prepared for a wait if you don't have high speed internet. We worked out a solution with AZGFD that provides for falconry-only seasons on all small game in the no-hunt zones. What this does is allow for falconry take of all normal game species throughout our normal seasons. It does this by creating those falconry-only seasons that coincide with the normal hunting seasons and then not applying the closure notes to them, thus allowing us to practice falconry within the zones. Please note that other local restrictions can still apply, so check carefully when going onto land you are not familiar with. Thanks!

Final new AZ falconry regs published!

Final new AZ falconry regs published! Hi everyone. I have great news for you. The new AZ regs have been approved and will go into effect January 1, 2013! I am very happy with the final product, especially given the first draft we saw several summers ago in Flagstaff. A lot of hard work by a lot of people went into this rule package and I'm thankful to all of them. I've attached a copy of the final rule for your reading pleasure. Feel free to pass this on to any interested parties. Charlie Kaiser President Arizona Falconers Association