2019 Desert Hawking Classic – Photo Recap

Some call the falconry community a family.  A family of hunter-conservationists that protect and defend raptors and the natural world. The following snap shots are a glimpse of the gathering of falconers and our hunting partners, new and old, that met in Tucson, AZ January 24-27, 2019 for the annual Desert Hawking Classic hosted by the AFA.  We hope to see you again in 2020!         

  • Photos courtesy of Paul Schnell, AZ's Raptor Experience, LLC
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A Michigan visitor poses with 'Odin', male Harris's hawk Wood (pack) rat nest in the prickly pear One of several Meet coordinators Lydia Stinchfield with her Harris's hawk


L1060826 L1060824 L1060536
Falconer/kestrel researcher Jon Orona with his family and kestrel Hen American Kestrel Golden eagles made their mighty presence also


L1060787 L1060789 L1060760​ 
IN falconer Brad Pafford Brad Pafford's 3x intermewed Red-tailed hawk Jerry Ostwinkle brought his gorgeous Ornate Hawk-eagle
L1060818 L1060747 L1060759
Jerry accepts Honorable Lifetime Membership Award from AFA President Kaiser Eagle researcher David Ellis attended the Meet also Finnish goshawk on gauntlet