AFA Mini-meet Saturday December 13 2014 Kingman, AZ

Charlie Kaiser and Pam Hessey will host the first mini meet of the season in Kingman, AZ, on Saturday, December 13, 2014. There will be no formal meetings of the AFA and no organized hunting parties, but game is plentiful around Kingman, so falconers will find game. Please respect the local falconers by focusing on the south side of town. We have always found great hawking South and Southeast of the airport. Charlie and Pam will host a dinner at their home at 6:30 PM. They are famous for their cooking! Please show up with some food and drink to add to the feast! Charlie's contact info can be found on the Officers and Directors page of this site. Please let us know if you're coming so we have room and food. Just as a suggestion; at the last AFA meet, we used the Magnuson Motel and they were hawk friendly and had reasonable rates. Their contact information is: 3100 E. Andy Devine Ave Kingman 928-753-6262 Anyone interested in hosting a future mini meet please contact Ken Mesch, 406-672-9906.