Recommended Reading List

This is just a short beginner’s list. There are many wonderful falconry publications available. Please bear in mind when reading books by authors from foreign countries, or books that are 25 years old or older, that statements about getting started in falconry may be inaccurate in the United States at present.

Most of these are available from any of the falconry equipment vendors or from the authors’ websites.

North American Falconry And Hunting Hawks
Frank Beebe and Harold Webster
The Red-tailed Hawk
Liam McGranaghan
The Falconer’s Apprentice
William C. Oakes
American Kestrels In Modern Falconry
Matthew Mullenix
The Apprentice Manual and The Apprentice Study Guide
California Hawking Club
A Falconry Manual
Frank Beebe
 The Harris’ Hawk Revolution
Jennifer and Tom Coulson
 Buteos And Bushytails
Gary Brewer
Falconry Equipment
Kimsey and Hodge
 Understanding The Bird Of Prey
Nick Fox