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New and In-Print Books, DVDs, Videos, Equipment, Artwork & Collectibles Personal Quick Service!Western Sporting’s focus is providing quality falconry equipment and supplies; books; DVDs and videos; artwork and collectibles for falconers, rehabilitators; zoos; and dog and pigeon fanciers. We pride ourselves on friendly quick service and the fastest delivery time. We have all items in-stock at all times for immediate dispatch to our customers! Check our prices and experience our high level of service to see why we are top rated around the world.

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 Desert Hawking IV: Quail by Harry McElroy
 DH IV Desert Hawking IV: Quail is available. Harry McElroy's latest book on hunting quail with Harris' hawks and Aplomado falcons can be purchased directly from http://deserthawking.com/ or at major falconry booksellers.
Northwoods Falconry
 Northwoods Falconry

America’s Foremost Falconry Outfitter Since 1984

You are entering into the world of falconry and the equipment that makes it all happen. Whether you make your own equipment or purchase it ready-made we are here to assist you. Brad and Ron have over 42 years each training and hunting with birds of prey and we will gladly share our knowledge with you when you call or email us. Our falconry equipment is tried and tested in the field right here in Washington state in rain, wind and snow. We want only the best falconry supplies for you and your bird.

Rest assured, we stand by all of our products and you can too. We welcome your comments, compliments and just hearing how you’re doing. We recognize that life is all about our relationships amongst each other and with other beings on the planet… the outstandingly beautiful birds of prey.

Thank you again and we hope to hear from you soon,

Communications Specialists Inc.

 Introducing the R-400 telemetry receiver.


Mike’s Falconry Supplies

Providing quality falconry equipment at affordable prices to falconers, zoos, rehabilitators and raptor enthusiasts. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with every product.

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Pineo Falconry
Mike Dupuy Hawk Food Pineo Falconry Superior Design for Serious Game Hawkers Since 1968
Pineo Falconry began when Doug Pineo started hunting with hawks in the early 1960s. In 1968, he published his first price list, and made hoods, gauntlets, hawking bags, lures, leashes, and bells for other falconers in America and England.

Doug concentrated on producing hoods from his own blocks and patterns, and today his hoods are known among falconers throughout the world for their fit and craftsmanship. Through Pineo Falconry, we bring the same commitment to superior quality and continuous design improvement to a growing family of the best falconry furniture available anywhere.

We pursue a strong business and environmental ethic. Our guides are figures like Aldo Leopold, seminal American conservationist and father of modern wildlife management; Climber, angler, surfer, ironsmith and 1950s falconer Yvon Chouinard, the founder of Patagonia; Paul Hawken, entrepreneur and author of The Ecology of Commerce. We know you share our enthusiasm for game hawking, and hope you’ll join us in our commitment to conservation.

Pineo Falconry donates a minimum of 1% of all sales to ecological restoration and other efforts supporting conservation, and the rich, diverse traditions of angling and the hunt.

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Mike Dupuy Hawk Food
Mike Dupuy Hawk Food Day-Old Chicks - Coturnix Quail - Mice - Rats
We also offer variety packs for one stop shoppingAll the nutrition your birds need in one convenient box!
Check out our line of quality equipment at incredible prices!

Mike Dupuy Hawk Food
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Marshall Telemetry

Marshall produces a variety of falconry telemetry equipment including transmitters, receivers, GPS systems, dog tracking collars, and accessories.

Visit their website at: http://marshallradio.com

Or call at 801 936 9000